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  • The Student Assistance Counselor:

    is a trained, professional counselor who is available to discuss any problem(s) that students or families may be experiencing, such as: relationship or family issues, school problems, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, bullying, grief and loss, low self-esteem, or any other psychosocial issues.

  • Student Assistance Counseling is:

    Confidential:  Students can expect that information shared with the SAC remains confidential (unless a student is being abused, or someone is in immediate danger).  

    Convenient:  The Student Assistance Counselor is available to meet with students during the school day.

    Voluntary: It is the student’s choice to avail themselves of student assistance counseling.  Parents, teachers, or other peers may refer a student to the counselor for an initial meeting, but only the individual student will decide if they will participate on an on-going basis.

OWL Wellness is a resource page for students and curated by Mr. Yeager.

OWL Wellness

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Andrew Yeager
201-573-6000 ext. 5504

Andrew Yeager is a certified school psychologist, presently working in the Park Ridge Public School District as a Student Assistance Coordinator and Anti-Bullying Specialist.  He is the past president of the Association of Student Assistance Professionals of New Jersey (ASAP-NJ), the founding member and coordinator of the Bergen County Association of Student Assistance Professionals, and a lead crisis responder for the Bergen County Traumatic Loss Coalition.  

Yeager has worked as a therapist specializing in adolescent issues for the past 35 years.  Prior to working in the public school setting, he spent 10 years working in residential treatment programs for adolescent substance abusers. 

Yeager conducts trainings and lectures throughout the United States and Canada on addictions, bullying, Internet safety, adolescent risk perception, and suicide prevention.   His television appearances include CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, NJN, UPN, and WINS (New York) radio.  Yeager is a co-Executive Producer of the cyber-bullying and Internet safety films “Sticks and Stones” and “The Web” and has written several educational programs on bullying, Internet safety, and DWI prevention, including the film “Stoned Cold” which was nominated for an Emmy Award by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in 2001.  Yeager is the author of “Bullying Redefined: The Building Blocks Approach to Anti-Bullying Education and Intervention.”