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Image of stones in a body of water

About Stepping Stones:

Stepping Stones Literary Magazine is an extracurricular student publication that showcases the creative writing and artistic talents of a variety of Park Ridge middle school students. The magazine is developed throughout the school year by students who joined the staff and are interested in promoting creative expression.  All students in grades 7 and 8 are encouraged to join and to submit their original work for consideration.  Submissions may be generated from classroom assignments, or self motivated pieces written specifically for the magazine. The staff meets regularly to promote interest, brainstorm ideas for themes, review submissions, and consider layout.

Stepping Stones 28 2011-2012
First page of the PDF file: Stepping_Stones_volume_28_2011-12_secured
Stepping Stones 29 2012-2013
First page of the PDF file: Stepping_Stones_volume_29_2012-13_secured
Stepping Stones 30 2013-2014
First page of the PDF file: Stepping_Stones_volume_30_2013-14_secured
Stepping Stones 30 2014-2015
First page of the PDF file: Stepping_Stones_volume_30_2014-15_secured
Stepping Stones 31 2015-2016
First page of the PDF file: Stepping_Stones_volume_31_2015-16_SECURED
Stepping Stones 32 2016-2017
First page of the PDF file: Stepping_Stones_volume_32_2016-17_secured
Stepping Stones 35 2018-2019
First page of the PDF file: Stepping_Stones_volume_35_2018-19_secured
Stepping Stones 36 2019-2020
First page of the PDF file: Stepping_Stones_2020_volume_36_FINAL_DRAFT_secured


Stepping Stones is looking for submissions. If you are an artist who likes to draw, sketch, paint, take photographs, or if you are a writer of creative short stories, poetry, or skits, then please email us your work at