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The purpose of the English program is the development of communication skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing) on both the practical and aesthetic levels.  At each grade, the emphasis in the required English course is on the sequential study of writing, literature, and language:

in writing - to develop the ability to express ideas in written form and for various purposes;

in literature - to develop the comprehension and interpretation of ideas in literary selections,  to provide experience with literary forms and literary criticism, and to develop an appreciation for texts of various genres and media; and

in language - to develop proficiency in the standard conventions of English. 

 To meet the varying needs and abilities of the students, the program makes use of a multi-text approach with a balance between classical and modern literary works.

Maria Papadopoulos, Supervisor
201-573-6000 ext. 5700
Jessie Borsinger
Mimi Brako Bismarck
Stephanie Buckley
Christine Dow
Charles Kovacs
Cathleen Maher
Patricia McClair
Alison McElrath
Michelle Muller