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The Athletic Program is an integral part of the educational structure at Park Ridge High School and should not be considered as an entity in itself. The program should provide each participant with an educational experience in which they can develop emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially. Emphasis should be placed on positive learning experiences for each student-athlete. Development of self-discipline and emotional maturity should be gained through respect for rules and regulations while respecting those around you.

            Participation in our program should encourage the student-athlete to use their ability, to think as an individual, and to act as a member of a team. The program should help foster attributes such as loyalty, determination, honesty and dedication, while at the same time develop physical coordination, muscular strength, and increased athletic skill with a commitment to Excellence.

            While winning is an important goal in athletic competition, it is not an end in itself. Attempts to beat rules, take unfair advantage of an opponent, or to show unsportsmanlike conduct have no place in athletics. Winning without boasting and losing without bitterness, along with a desire to succeed and excel as an individual and as a member of a team, should be considered most important. As a student-athlete, coach, or program at PRHS, you represent not only yourself, but your coach, team, school, family, and community. This is a responsibility that must be taken seriously as participation in interscholastic sports is a privilege.

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